UPDATE 6/9/08 Tucson Catalina Unit

FOOD AND WATER are hard to find in visitation at TUCSON CATALINA UNIT.

Seems like every week there is a problem with the vending machines. At least two of the four are broken at all times. Last weekend, there was NO bottled water or food for most of the day!

Now that the visitation hours have changed, shouldn't the vending machine hours also change? If you are someone who visits from noon to four, forget about eating. The food machine (there is only one) is filled up at 11:30 so pretty much everything is taken by the morning visitors. The coffee machine rarely works and at least one of the soda machines is broken every single weekend!!

ADC says that they are supportive of visitors but here again, their ACTIONS are very different than their WORDS!. If I drive from Phoenix to visit my loved one in Tucson, I'm driving 2 hours to get there and two hours to get home. I cannot eat at 6:00 in the morning (for a visit that starts at 8:00 am) and expect that to last me until the visit is over at 4:00.

This is an outrage. We cannot continue to starve during visitation! Our kids cannot continue to starve at visitation! And we NEED WATER!!! What can we do to help the department get a vending machine that works?? and a vending company that will show up more than once a day??


Anonymous said...

Hmm, it seems like this is a problem at all units in Tucson. We had no water and no soda at all this weekend. And when we tried to get water out of the fountain machine it was so hot it was about to bubble up. So all that we had was water out of the inmate bathroom faucet. Wonder when this problem will be fixed. Oh I forgot, we had some milk, which probably would have curdeled in your stomach 5 minutes later as hot as it was.

Anonymous said...

It's better now. They added another vending machine and seem to be making an effort to make sure all of them are filled and in working order. Whew! It's about time. It's nice to see that SOMETHING has been resolved.

Anonymous said...

It is NOT better at all! The "new" vending machine is always broken!! I don't understand why this is so difficult! It's really frustrating!